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Voguish House Escape (13394 Plays)

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Voguish House Escape (13394 Plays)

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Voguish House Escape
Game Name : Voguish House Escape
Developed By : BestEscapeGames
Game Details : Voguish House Escape is a point and click type new room escape game for free developed by BestEscapeGames. Can you escape Harry from the Voguish House soon. Julian is a young man living in New Jersey alone in a big Voguish House. Julian is a good fashion designer. One day, his friend Harry came to the town for a meeting and stayed the night in his Voguish House. Julian house is a modern Voguish House which access only with the card. The next day, Julian went to a meeting in the early morning regarding his new design and took the access card with him leaving his friend alone in the Voguish House. Julian had a spare access card for the guest which he meant on the paper piece but not the exact place. When he woke up in the morning, the door is closed and Julian is not in the house. Harry got ready and tried to open the door. But, the door has been locked and Harry saw the paper hint. Now, Harry has to search for the spare access card on his own and escape from the Voguish House for the meeting.


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