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Looting The Powerful Stone (15790 Plays)

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Looting The Powerful Stone (15790 Plays)

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Looting The Powerful Stone
Game Name : Looting The Powerful Stone
Developed By : BestEscapeGames
Game Details : Looting The Powerful Stone is a point and click free fantasy escape game developed by BestEscapeGames. In Ohio, there is a farmer named Henrick lived in poverty due to natural calamities. His fellow people were beginning to move to the next village that is greener and wealthy. While Henrick was walking on the road, he stepped on a palm script and stopped. He took it and came to know about a powerful diamond stone that fulfill anyone wish. There was a hint behind the script regarding the location of the stone in a nearby village and he arrived there quickly. when Henrick saw the location, there was two house build up on that location. Henrick confused on which house is having the diamond stone in it. So, now Henrick has to find the stone for the benefit of him and his village. Looting the Powerful Stone and try to escape him.


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