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Grandpa Love Letter (265 Plays)

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Grandpa Love Letter (265 Plays)

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Grandpa Love Letter
Game Name : Grandpa Love Letter
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Game Details : The old man who became a grand father is a happy living single man in the USA. His wife went to Australia for her career in her young age and never returned. He received a last love letter from his wife before 25 years. He keeps the letter safely. He is not much rich to visit Australia during his young age. He works for less salary. Now he has become a rich person. He would like to visit Australia to meet or search for his wife . The mailing address is present in the love letter which she sent. The address may be useful to find her. He could not find the letter now. Help Grandpa to find his love letter to fulfill his wish to join hands with his wife or at least to know the details behind her disappearance. Keep playing zoozoogames. Have fun!