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Girl Rescue From Cave (1103 Plays)

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Girl Rescue From Cave (1103 Plays)

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Girl Rescue From Cave
Game Name : Girl Rescue From Cave
Developed By : AvmGames
Game Details : The cake truck is outside your house and its perfect because you crave for cake. Because of this, you quickly took a dollar on your pocket and went out. But to your surprise, the vendor took the girl with her. The ice cake quickly drove away. You felt that something is wrong and to follow the truck is what came to your mind. And looks like your instinct is right because you ended up in a strange place where the old house is. The boy cries non-stop and sounds like she is really in trouble. The cake girl went out to get more cake and this is the perfect time for you to rescue the girl. However, you dont have the key to the door so you have to look for items that you can use to unlock the door. Good luck and have fun


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