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Giant Rock House Escape (1273 Plays)

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Giant Rock House Escape (1273 Plays)

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Giant Rock House Escape
Game Name : Giant Rock House Escape
Developed By : EightGames
Game Details : Giant Rock House Escape is an interesting point and click type escape game online in BestEscapeGames. Assume that you have assembled a giant rock house and welcomed every one of your companions to your home. You have wanted to give them a little gathering at your new house. They have arrived and one of your companions all of a sudden got locked in the house and he did not know the way to turn out from the house as it was a new one. Presently you have to discover the related questions and pieces of information and comprehend the intriguing riddles so as to escape from the giant rock house at the earliest opportunity. Thanks for playing and Good Luck and Have Fun.


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