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Forest Rest House Escape (838 Plays)

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Forest Rest House Escape (838 Plays)

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Forest Rest House Escape
Game Name : Forest Rest House Escape
Developed By : AvmGames
Game Details : Its too wild in the forest and you are not even prepared for it. You didnt expect that there will be a lot of wild animals in this place. You just want to have a good walk but wild animals attack in every corner of this jungle. With this, you really needed somewhere to hide. So when you saw a rest house on this forest, you didnt think twice to enter it. You waited for hours for the animals to get away and finally, they all left. You can now get out from the rest house but there is another problem that you have to solve. The door of this rest house wont open so you have to find something that you can use to unlock it. Good luck and have fun!


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