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Exotic Hotel Escape 2 (1281 Plays)

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Exotic Hotel Escape 2 (1281 Plays)

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Exotic Hotel Escape 2
Game Name : Exotic Hotel Escape 2
Developed By : EightGames
Game Details : Exotic Hotel Escape 2 is an interesting point and click type escape game online in BestEscapeGames. I already stuck here a week ago and I have escaped from here with all your efforts and abilities. Be that as it may, today this hotel appears like totally different than the most recent week. What is more, still the steward vanishes from my vision. All of a sudden he went outside and bolted the exit door. I overlooked the way of entrance. Truly I need to escape from here. So would you be able to please discover the related protests and settle the riddles to open the main door and help me to Escape from this Exotic Hotel again. Thanks for playing and Good Luck and Have Fun.


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