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Escape From Strange House (248 Plays)

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Escape From Strange House (248 Plays)

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Escape From Strange House
Game Name : Escape From Strange House
Developed By : AvmGames
Game Details : Selling things online and making all kind of exchanges with strangers have become popular nowadays. Why buy new things, when you can get the things you like at a much cheaper price? Thats how after some research, you found some items sold on the internet and you like them very much. So you contacted the seller and as he is living in your city, you went to take the items personally. Once you got at his house, you asked you to come inside while he is searching for the items. So you waited and took a look around in the house. But the man never returned. It seems like you are in trouble, as you are locked and have to escape. Good luck and have fun!


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