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Escape From Island House (12296 Plays)

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Escape From Island House (12296 Plays)

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Escape From Island House
Game Name : Escape From Island House
Developed By : BestEscapeGames
Game Details : Escape From Island House is a point and click type game developed by Bestescapegames. The bunny has a picnic on the island. The story is about having an imagination and playing young bunny has great fun at the picnic. The Bunny is charming and fun loving, rich man full of spirit and an indomitable spirit of adventure. So he moves on to island to enjoy adventure. He is roaming and finding out the best place to spend the day. Meanwhile, his partner planned to grab all his properties and money. So, he kidnapped bunny and kept him in island house. Help him out to find the objects and solve the puzzles to Escape From Island House. Keep playing and Have fun. Good Luck.


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