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Elegant Green House Escape (9907 Plays)

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Elegant Green House Escape (9907 Plays)

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Elegant Green House Escape
Game Name : Elegant Green House Escape
Developed By : BestEscapeGames
Game Details : Elegant Green House Escape is a point and click type game developed by BestEscapeGames. Four friends in Las Vegas had a celebration party last night at their Elegant Green House for his friend forthcoming engagement. They had an excellent night and therefore the next morning, one of the friends had a hangover. Three other friends tried to wake him up, but he felt so drowsy to be awaken. So, they left him within the house locked with a spare key and went off to their friend Engagement. Over an hour later they called him to mention the spare key location, but his mobile got switched off with no electricity this morning. Now he has got to be compelled to search the spare key on his own to Escape from the Elegant Green House and reach his friend engagement.


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