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Dreadful House Escape (3146 Plays)

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Dreadful House Escape (3146 Plays)

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Dreadful House Escape
Game Name : Dreadful House Escape
Developed By : EightGames
Game Details : Dreadful House Escape is an interesting point and click type escape game online in BestEscapeGames. Hey everybody, I am here for few days. Some kidnappers kidnapped me for money. But I have no money. Kidnappers got angry on me for my poverty. So, they planned and locked me inside this dreadful house. They will come at anytime. Can anyone help me to escape me out from this dreadful house. Can you please find out the related objects and solve the puzzles to find out the solution to open the main door and escape me out from the dreadful house soon. Thanks for playing and Good Luck and Have Fun.


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