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Dracula Forest Escape (1888 Plays)

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Dracula Forest Escape (1888 Plays)

Game Information

Dracula Forest Escape
Game Name : Dracula Forest Escape
Developed By : EightGames
Game Details : Dracula Forest Escape is an interesting point and click type escape game online in BestEscapeGames. Presently you are in a hazardous Dracula forest. In that forest, Dracula kills lot of individuals these days. So you need to prevent the Dracula from slaughtering the people and save the people and furthermore the forest from the Dracula. Today, you have to kill the Dracula and get freedom for the people. In this way, first you ought to locate the related items and with that objects you have to solve the puzzles to find the solution. With that solution, you need to slaughter the Dracula and Escape the people from the Dracula Forest. Good Luck and Have Fun.


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